Build your editing package:

Turnaround Time
12 hours
$16 / page
1 day
$13.50 / page
2 days
$11 / page
3 days
$8.50 / page
Add Ons
Add On
Multiple Drafts
Interested in improving both your document and your writing in general through multiple drafts? We offer you the option of putting your document through more than one editing process, at a charge of $4 per page for each additional draft. After the initial edit of your document, you will be expected to revise the draft that is returned to you before re-submitting a second draft to be edited. Each additional draft that you add will go through the same process — you must revise the edited document that you were provided with prior to any resubmission for further editing.
$4 / page
Critical Commentary
Our editors will provide you with critical commentary on your document and suggestions on how to improve it. Critical commentary will be given on: organization of the document; effectiveness and pertinence of the content/argumentation/analyses of the document; any ambiguities, missing information/material, or points requiring further elaboration.
$3 / page
Trouble with formatting your document? We will format your document according to your specific academic/professional standards. Formatting includes standardizing font, font size, page numbers, paragraphing and indentation, as well as cover pages, tables, figures, bibliographies, works cited lists, in-text citations, footnotes and endnotes, where applicable. For academic documents, our editors format according to MLA, APA and Chicago style – please specify which style manual you are using for your document.
$1.50 / page
English as Second Language
Is English your first language? If it isn’t, please inform us and allow us to provide you with additional support in the revision of your document. Our editors will provide you with explanations for grammatical corrections and commentary on suggestions for other changes.
$2 / page

Standard Editing Package

Correction of spelling & grammar
Correction of punctuation
Elimination of run-on sentences and fragments
Reorganization & correction of sentence structure
Reorganization & correction of paragraph structure
Linking of ideas at sentence-level
Linking of ideas at paragraph-level
Elimination of repetitions & redundancies
Correction of word choice
Formalization of tone and register
Global commentary on overall organization
Global commentary on overall effectiveness of the text