You ask. We answer.

Uploading a file to The Revision Room is a simple process with a few easy steps. However, you must be logged into The Revision Room in order to upload. If you’re a new customer, you must sign up and create an account; if you are a returning customer, just log in. After logging in, you can place an order and upload your document to be edited at the end of the order process. This process only takes a few minutes. If you have already placed an order and you need to upload supporting documents that you didn’t upload during the order process, you may do this in your dashboard once you are logged into the site.
We can edit a document and return it to you in as quickly as 24 hours.
Our standard editing service includes the following:
  1. - Correction of spelling, grammar & punctuation
  2. - Elimination of run-on sentences and sentence fragments
  3. - Reorganization & correction of sentence & paragraph structure
  4. - Linking of ideas at sentence- & paragraph-level to improve flow
  5. - Elimination of repetitions & redundancies
  6. - Correction of word choice
  7. - Formalization of tone and register
  8. - Global commentary on overall organization & effectiveness of the text
However, if you feel that you need some extra help, we offer Add-Ons to our standard services to help you build a custom editing package that will best suit your editing needs.
No, fact-checking and correcting content are not a part of our services. We do not write essays, neither partially nor from scratch. However, if it seems to us that there are one or more factual inaccuracies in your document, we will point this out to you so that you can verify the information and correct it.
We offer an Add-On to include critical commentary in your editing package. You can select this option once you have logged in and are completing the order process.
Of course! We employ editors who specialize in ESL writing. You should select our ESL Editing Add-On for your order. This will allow us to cater to your ESL needs and address all possible errors in order to support you as much as possible with your writing in English.
It’s simple! After creating a user account on The Revision Room, during the process of completing an order you can select Add-Ons to the standard editing service. With just the click of a mouse, the Add-Ons you wish to add to your editing package are added to your order and calculated into your final total as you proceed through the order process. All Add-Ons are charged for per page, just as with the standard editing service.
You will be notified by email that the editing of your document has been completed as soon as your editor uploads the edited version to our website.
The Revision Room is extremely secure. We have implemented top-notch security measures including an SSL certificate, content-security policy and a database access layer to ensure our customers are always protected.
The Revision Room accepts Paypal and all major credit cards.
The Revision Room will not distribute your documents to any third parties. Only the editor working on your document will have access to your document and any supporting documents you provide to aid them in the editing process.
The Revision Room was created by former students and professionals that know first-hand how important editing and revising are to the writing process, whatever your field. From our own experiences, we have found that the support at writing centres is not always efficient or effective, so we decided to create our own space in which students, professionals and creative writers can get the help they need with editing and maximize the effectiveness of revising their work. Our team is here to provide those seeking editing services with the individualized support they need and that other writing centres and editing services sometimes lack.
The Revision Room offers premium editing services that include more than your basic proofreading service for an affordable price. We have a highly experienced editing team that is dedicated to thoroughly editing any document sent our way. Customers receive the same quality service regardless of the turnaround time they select or the length of the document they submit for editing. We also give customers the opportunity to address their individual editing needs through our Add-On services, also at an affordable price. We think that quality assistance with writing and revising should be available to any customer who needs it without having to pay astronomical prices for the service.